Omology is the private practice of Jaime Seelmeyer, LPCC, M.Ed., CYT, Reiki Practioner.  I offer a holistic and integrative approach to mental health and overall wellness. I believe in a "whole-being" approach to healing, growth, and change. All aspects of being are considered: body, mind, emotion, energy, spirit. Ancient Eastern practices are combined with modern, evidence-based techniques for optimal healing and growth. 



Therapeutic Yoga


Yoga practices are used to improve and manage mental health and overall well-being. Therapeutic yoga is offered as a single service or as a piece of holistic mental health coaching.

Counseling & Holistic Health Coaching


My approach to Holistic Mental Health Coaching includes yoga therapy, reiki/energy work, mindfulness training, discussion/education, self-care coaching, and lifestyle assessment/adjustment. I specialize in depression, anxiety, PTSD, and working with empaths and highly-sensitive people.

Reiki/ Energy Healing


Energy healing is an ancient technique for relaxation, stress reduction, and health that activates the client's natural healing processes to improve mental & physical well-being.