Omology is the private practice of Jaime Seelmeyer, M.Ed., CYT, Reiki Practioner.  I offer a holistic and integrative approach to mental health and overall wellness. I believe in a "whole-being" approach to healing, growth, and change. All aspects of being are considered: body, mind, emotion, energy, spirit. Ancient Eastern practices are combined with modern, evidence-based techniques for optimal healing and growth. 

Offerings include holistic mental health coaching, therapeutic yoga, mindfulness training, reiki/ energy healing, support groups, and various yoga and holistic health classes and workshops.

Classes and workshops are led by holistic-minded practitioners, certified yoga teachers, licensed therapists, and wellness coaches.


I believe it is during our times of great struggle and dis-ease that we are called to find our innate healer within. To become our own healer. It is your birthright to access and utilize the ancient wisdom and the intrinsic wisdom of your own bodymind system to heal, grow, and thrive. I consider myself a compassionate guide on the path to healing-- through empathetic witnessing, educating, and facilitating-- I can help you reclaim your own health, vitality, and wholeness.


Why Om (ology) ?

In many traditions, "Om" is considered to be the primordial sound of the universe. Om is more than simply a sacred sound- it is the vibration of the universe, the vibration that unites all things together. Om is a healing mantra- one that unites the energy of the body with that of the mind, and connects individual awareness with the collective awareness of all creation, the cosmos, and all that is.